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Freelance Emcee. Lifestyle Writer. Fashion Fiasco. Self-Deprecating. Self-Loving. Wait, what?


Elizabeth writes for Cleo as the magazine's ambassador. She's written about love, life, food, fitness, and fashion. She loves the magazine and the team behind it, but realizes that some posts are too personal to be shared on Cleo. is her solution.


Elizabeth is pursuing a degree in Communications & New Media at NUS. When she's not sleeping, studying, or fighting the urge to buy a Nobel Prize online ( yes, you can actually do that), she's usually working. 


Elizabeth is a freelance emcee. She picked up hosting when she realized one of her very limited talents was speaking well. She's hosted international and local events, like the 28th SEA Games, Baybeats, YFest and TYR Southeast Asian Swimming Championships. She's hosted media launches, festivals, beauty pageants, competitions and roadshows. She's hosted videos and she's recorded voice-overs. 


Elizabeth is interested in all dimensions of the media. She's done freelance graphic designing, acting and modeling. She's dabbled in photography and production. She's helped produced videos for the F1 Grand Prix. 


If you keep her self-deprecating personality in mind, you might be rather impressed at this point. Keep going.


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