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Jean Yip Sponsorship

I've always had thick hair. Coupled with Singapore's severely unforgiving weather and the fact that even my dog had a better fur grooming routine that I did with my hair, good hair days were when I didn't look so crazy.

Days when I was up to my neck with my mess people call hair, I'd try different hair salons to see what worked. After 23 years, I found my favourite salon.

Service was great. My hair looked fantastic. It was affordable.

But it was in Bangkok. ( A+ for location)

Somewhere in June, Jean Yip must have felt morally obligated to take care of my mess of a hair. No, but really - they offered me a sponsorship for 6 months. And to the salon in Bangkok, I'm so sorry, but I've officially bumped you off the list for Jean Yip.

Most girls sponsored by Jean Yip probably make their monthly appointments at the outlet in Plaza Singapura. The first time I made an appointment, that place was fully booked. I was offered an appointment slot at the outlet in AMK Hub. I never looked back.

The past 5 months at Jean Yip have been life-saving. Each session started with a scalp analysis and most suitable hair treatments would then be decided by my hairstylists. Every step in every treatment was patiently explained ( although I never seem to be able to remember much of it).

I was utterly boring for the first few months. Everyone was asking me to do something crazy with my hair. Girl, my hair is already crazy, what more do you want from me? I spent the first 3 months nestled in the crazy comfortable Jean Yip chairs for hours with treatments for my scalp and hair.

But I can't be boring my whole life, can I? ( The answer is no)

So at my fourth appointment, I walked in and said with as much confidence as I could muster (you need to realise that I wasn't even sure at this point if I really wanted what I was going to ask for next)

I want to have my hair dyed.

I had a photo ready, I knew exactly how to describe the look (with my uhms and mms because I still wasn't very sure), and I had WhatsApp conversations running on my phone with close friends telling me to 'OMG liz for the 27th time, just go for it'. I'm not sure if you can tell by now, but I was pretty nervous about having my hair dyed. I've never had my hair coloured and the thought of leaving Jean Yip with a colourful mess was just killing me.

I want it to start out a little brown but fade out to an ash grey/silver towards the end.

They said no. All that bleaching and colouring just meant that my hair would be frizzled and dried out in no time. I had two hairstylists go through different colours with me so that I could settle on an alternative - at this point I'd pretty much given up and decided they could do whatever they wanted. They chose two tones of brown - a darker brown for the top half and a lighter one for the bottom. After the dyeing, the treatments and a few hours of sitting as a nervous wreck waiting to see the outcome, I loved it. The colour has lightened considerably over the last month but it's still as gorgeous. Everyone I've met loves the colour, and under the sun, it's so chio I wanna cry? ( Read: It's so pretty, it makes me feel like crying)

Thanks for the miracles, Jean Yip!



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