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Review - J's Medi-Spa

One of the best afternoons I’ve spent in Singapore since my trip back from the states? Last Thursday, at J’s Medi-Spa’s intimate gathering at Grand Copthorne Hotel.

Now, January’s the worst because everyone’s struggling with post-Christmas and New Year celebrations weight gain. And if that’s not tough enough, Chinese New Year in February means we can’t turn a single direction without bakwa, love letters and highly insistent grandmothers who pile our plates high with food and guilt – because if we don’t taste their cooking, we don’t love them?

So, this is where J’s Medi-spa comes in with their Proionic Slimming treatment.

What you need to know about the Proionic Slimming Treatment.

1. It relies on Indiba® Deep Care to produce both slimming and sculpting effects that leaves your skin feeling smoother and firmer.

2. It’s pleasant, painless and non-invasive.

3. The Proionic® radiofrequency travels through the body safely, reaching deep tissues more effectively than the usual multipolar radiofrequency systems.

4. It increases the biostimulation while fully respecting natural cell physiology.

5. This means that results are not just superficially visible, but are deeply generated with long-lasting effects.

6. It reshapes and reduces volume from the abdomen, thighs and buttocks, reduces cellulite, stretch marks and contours the body.

But enough of all that jargon because you didn’t really understand all that, did you?

Here’s how it went down for me.

After high tea and a little bit of mingling, I was introduced to my therapist, Rita, and the treatment room that I’d be spending the next hour and a half in.

Rita was so detailed in her explanations of the procedure, tools and products and here’s what I understood (minus all the jargon): The radiofrequency applied increases the temperature at specific parts of our body, and encourages ions to move through the cell membrane.

While the treatment was utterly painless, certain parts of my body felt a little more heated, but it was nothing I couldn’t tolerate.

Rita was so gentle throughout the entire treatment that I actually managed to fall asleep. Whoops! But what I really liked was how she focused more on the areas I’d highlighted to her before the treatment.

The entire treatment felt specially catered to my needs and I was so surprised when Rita stopped.


‘Oh, we’re done with the treatment.’


Absolutely did not feel like an hour and a half, but only because I was so relaxed and enjoyed it so much.

The director of J’s Salon, June, waited the entire time for our treatments to end so that she could check in on our experience. This amazing woman lost 6kg with the Proionic Slimming treatment so… where do I sign up?

The treatments at J’s Medi-spa don’t come cheap, but you get what you pay for – impeccable service, an utterly relaxing afternoon and actual results.

Thankfully, there’s a promotion going on now so it’s more affordable if you’d like to give it a try!

We’ve worked out an exclusive Chinese New Year promotion that runs till 15 March. All you have to do is quote my name (that’s Elizabeth, but you know that already, don’t you?), to enjoy these treatments at $298 each.

1. The Deep Care Proionic Facial, 90 Minutes (U.P $478).

2. The Proionic Slimming, 90 Minutes (U.P $478).

3. A Hair Cut + Multi-Tone Colour, 2.5-3 Hours (U.P $466)

Visit their website at if you’d like more information.

If not, you can find them at:

J’s Salon Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel 392 Havelock Road,Level 3 Tel: +65 6834 0012 / +65 6738 8488

June, Director of J's Salon

June, Director of J's Salon.

By the way, her complexion is amazing. She's not wearing any foundation in this photo and her skin looks so good! She credits this to the Proionic Facial.

I love mint tea and this particular brew blew me away. J's Salon gets their tea from Gryphon and it's packed exclusively for them! Make sure you ask for a pot of their mint tea when you're there.

X, Liz


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