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How to Deal with Being Single on Valentine's Day

Happy alentine’s ay! Because the only V and Ds we’re getting this weekend is the inevitable VDD- Valentine’s Day Depression - also known as the Single AF syndrome.

1. Netflix and literally chill

I’m guilty of staying in on Friday and weekend nights, snuggled in bed with Netflix playing on the TV. So what’s another Sunday night spent doing the same old? I’ll tell you – it’s heaven.

Brooklyn nine-nine, Suits, Orange is the New Black… there are more than enough TV series to keep you entertained the whole night while you knock back some good whisky and think about all the money you’re saving on flowers, gifts and expensive dinners.

If you’ve unwilling to commit to the $16 monthly subscription for Netflix, take joy in their 1-month trial promotion. (Yes, it’s free for the first month)

So sign up now and smile because your 14th Feb is now overbooked with must-watch movies and series.

2. ‘Pity’ Party

Misery loves company, so grab your other Single AF friends and party it out. It doesn’t have to be a sad occasion – this isn’t a support group for men with Testicular Cancer ( cue Fight Club) There's no need for sitting in a circle, taking turns telling life stories and rounding it up after by hugging it out.

Dance. Drink. Laugh. Celebrate the love of friendship and (in this case) the comradeship of singlehood.

I met my best friend last year for drinks at Holland Village. It was a great night. She bought me flowers and I bought her drinks. No one got in anyone’s pants after and it was still one of the best Valentine’s Day celebrations I’ve ever had.

3. Tinder

If you absolutely refuse to be alone on Valentine’s Day, there are always last minute fix ups.

Introducing… TINDER.

Get ready to explore the online world of Single AFs. Anything can happen on Tinder – from hook ups to serious relationships. It’s all about how lucky you are and how professionally shot your photos are.

So get on your mobile app store and download Tinder now. Choose your best 5 photos and think of a nice write up to include in your profile. Connect your Instagram account to your Tinder if 5 photos aren’t enough to encapsulate the excitement of your daily duties.

You’re probably not alone in wanting to have a date for Valentine’s Day. I’d say your best bets are with the Tinder folk.

It’s only Thursday. You have about 2 more days to find your Tinderella.

Get swiping!

4. Rent-A-Boyfriend

I must admit I know almost nothing about this but you must have heard some of all the hoo-ha with rented boyfriends for Chinese New Year.

So remember when you were 4 and you had a childhood friend of the other gender and sometimes you would pretend he/she was your boyfriend/girlfriend? You’d walk around holding hands and sometimes he’d give you a flower he plucked from the neighbour’s garden or she’d pass you a cookie her mum gave her for her tea-time snack? Now take that, but add a couple of years to their ages.

So some girls have resorted to renting very eligible males to play-pretend during these Chinese New Year visitations. You know how kaypoh (read:nosy) our relatives can get during these gatherings. Suddenly it’s a hundred and one questions about your personal life and there always seems to be only one right answer for them.

Well, why not extend the renting hours to this Sunday?

5. Mum

If all else fails, there’s always mum – the one woman we can always trust.

Call her up. Take her out. Celebrate family love.

Buy her flowers, wrap her a gift, and get her some chocolates. There’s always something so attractive about people who love and care for their mothers.


I guess what I’m trying to say is, Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples. Valentine’s Day is for celebrating love. And love comes in all forms – think friends, family, and partners. Not having a partner doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate it with other people.

Be bold in loving others. Be bold in celebrating your love for others.

( Maybe just not with the rented-boyfriend)



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