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How Tinder is like for Singaporean Girls

I’ve heard male friends lament how much more difficult it is for guys to get matched on Tinder as compared to how it is for girls, so I’m here to figure out if that’s 1. true and 2. a blessing.

Tinder’s our modern day quick matchmaking session. You’re presented with a profile photo, name, age, and school/work place amongst other information. Tapping on a profile photo opens up the profile, and you get to read up on his self-written description, check your common connections on Facebook, and if you’re lucky, stalk his Instagram profile.

If you like the person, you swipe right >

If you’re not interested, you swipe left <

That’s easy enough.

To make this a little bit fairer, I’m throwing in a little bit of luck with randomization. I’ll be swiping right on a total of 10 guys. A group of 5 guys of my choosing so I’ll be scrutinizing their profile before deciding if they make the cut. A second group of 5 guys that I have absolutely no control over- the first 5 profiles Tinder presents the moment I open the app.

Here’s my rule though: I won’t be initiating any conversations. I want to see how creative or boring pick up lines have gotten on Tinder. If I’m matched with a guy who fails to say hi, that’ll be the end of that.

Day 1.

I managed to download Tinder and set up my profile – not a huge feat. It’s pretty easy, especially with Facebook providing my name, age and photos. I didn’t bother with a write up but I did link my Instagram account to my profile, which should be more than sufficient.

Day 3.

I completely forgot about Tinder. I’ve been so busy with work that I haven’t had the time to get swiping. But did Tinder forget about me? Nope.

It’s crazy over there on Tinder, isn’t it.

Talking to my male friends, I found out how boys decide whether or not to swipe right on a girl. They don’t decide. They swipe right on every girl and patiently wait for any matches. The decision-making comes only then – they ‘unmatch’ the girls they’re not interested in, and start a conversation with the girls that they are interested in.

Day 4.

Let’s start Tindering.

The first five guys Tinder gave me that I had to swipe right on were guys I would never have swiped right on, but that’s the point, right?

It was an instant match with all 5 of them. I was a little surprised but with 316 right swipes on my profile, I guess it wasn’t too hard to get all the matches immediately. No complaints - this was great for quickening the process.

Choosing the next 5 guys to swipe right on took so much time. Maybe I’m too picky; the left swipes were never-ending. It took me 2.5 hours to find the 5 guys and I’ll admit, most of them got the right swipe because of a witty profile write-up. I had an instant match with 4 of these guys and only managed to get the last match the day after.

So back to point 1. Is it easier for girls to get matched on Tinder as compared to how it is for boys?

Probably. With 9 out of 10 right swipes landing an instant match, it’s not hard to see why girls have an easier time using Tinder. With all 10 right swipes ultimately ending up as matches, I’d say chances of girls finding a date on Tinder isn’t exactly difficult at all.

But quality over quantity, yes? Let’s see how the conversations fared.

The Conversations.

Unfortunately, not all 10 matches initiated a conversation, and with my rule on waiting on the guy to drop a line before I respond, there were only 8 conversations started and continued.

Here are the best and worst.

I was quite adverse to giving out my number to any of the matches – sorry!

Is it just me or is it plain rude to be addressed by your family name by a stranger? This one didn’t get a response from me after dropping that line, but good to know people do stalk Instagram profiles that are made available on Tinder.

New-age dating is all about online stalking your partner beforehand.

Admit it, you guys have scoured Facebook profiles, Instagram accounts and Twitter feeds to get a better sense of the other person before meeting up. I mean, what if they’re actually really creepy in real life?

I’ll admit I wasn’t particularly interested in this guy after his first line – his lack of punctuation really put me off.

This screenshot is the entirety of our conversation.

I genuinely enjoyed this conversation – he was funny and went along with my stupid joke. The conversation went on for a couple of hours before he mentioned something about his love for Pokemon and I got busy with other things.

I know what you’re wondering – did he really use my Instagram dating tips on me? No, he didn’t. To be fair, most of my tips run along the lines of ‘The only bachelor you really need is a bachelor’s degree’ so I guess that didn’t give him much to work with.

What put me off and put an end to our conversation was his persistent efforts in getting me to check out his Instagram – too much work.

This guy tried getting my Facebook instead of my number, which I’ll admit I was more comfortable with. I still refused to move any Tinder conversations to other platforms, so no, he didn’t succeed in getting my Facebook.

This one was talking about marriage compatibility the moment he dropped his first couple of lines, which freaked me out a little.

Also, I found out he only has one dog.

And the last one.

He didn’t get a response but I guess it’s an A for effort. Two compliments, punctuation and excitement expressed with an exclamation mark - really not too bad.

So, back to point 2. Is having it easier on Tinder really a blessing for us girls?

I’d guess it depends. Some of these conversations that put me off might receive an entirely different reaction from other girls. To each her own; I’ll leave it to you to decide if these Tinder pick up lines are really any good.

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