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How Paktor is like for Singaporean Girls Part 2

First, some context.

I downloaded the Paktor app a few weeks back to try and see if it was comparable to our all-time favourite dating app - Tinder. You can read all about my experience here .

But if you don't have time for that, here's what you need to know for this article.

Paktor has an exclusive feature available for all females - Wink.

Wink uses our accounts to send out automated messages with tacky lines to 'compatible' males. 'Compatible' because I have absolutely no clue how they define that term but I'm inclined to disagree with most of their matches for me.

If you've read my review on Tinder, you'll also know I don't quite like initiating conversations on these apps. But with Wink, my account has been popping up in the inboxes of an embarrassingly large number of males.

So I figured, if Paktor's so determined to start conversations for me, I might as well continue them.

Question - Did I eventually scare this guy away? No, I didn't.

Note: If he'd called me an acute angle, that might have worked.

The next few messages I sent out included puns on their names. Needless to say, I probably scared most of them away - no replies.

I'm saving the worst for last.

Guys - this is no way to speak to anyone. I'm putting this up here because nothing warrants a disgusting reply like this guy's. This boils down to basic respect and decency. If you think you have the right to talk to anyone like this, you need to sit in the shower and hug your knees for an hour rethinking your life.

Females don't have it easier on online dating apps all the time.

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